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Kervy specialise in making comfortable bags for all lifestyles and activities. Inspired by pure function, the minimal design offers timeless style on all your adventures as well as greater durability.

While intended for lighter travel, a fully packed Kervy bag can hold a medium weight jacket, waterproof trousers, hat, gloves, mobile, wallet, keys and lights. Immediately accessible by simply pulling around your body, they offer ultimate security and peace of mind. More elegant than a backpack and less bulky than a messenger, these fashionable bags are perfect for cycling as they stay on your back.

Inspired by a bag from the Andes, they are created with a passion for simplicity and comfort. Unlike mass produced items, more time is needed to achieve the minimal style, whilst excluding any unreliable metal or plastic fastenings make them more durable and sustainable - healthy for you and the planet.

Kervy offer an ethical alternative to cheap factory imports and as we do all our own marketing they are excellent value. Each bag is carefully handcrafted at our Bristol workshop using our own templates to ensure the accurate reproduction of the special curves.